New Paltz Day Camp Choices

new paltz day camp and summer programs

While summertime gives New Paltz kids a well-earned break from school, they need to keep busy and engaged, and New Paltz day camp and Ulster County summer programs are the way to go.

The beginning of the year is the best time to start making plans for a summer program!

Here are some great tips on finding the right one, for Ulster County children from 2 to 10 years old.

Is Your Child Ready for Summer Camp?

Kids are ready for day camp when they can socialize, interact well with peers and follow instructions from caregivers.

The Types of Camps In Ulster County

It’s quite possible to find a camp for every interest.

You’ll find New Paltz day camps that emphasize nature-study or horseback riding to all kinds of sports, and from religion-focused to math, science or even dance.

There are even programs available that focus on activities like drumming or Legos.

The possibilities for Ulster County kids are endless.

What Does a Good Summer Program Cost?

Price varies greatly depending on geographic locale, program length and the activities offered.

On average, day camps in New Paltz, and Ulster County, in general, can cost anywhere between $150–$200 a week for parks and recreation or YMCA programs to $300 a week and more for sports, specialty or academic camps.

Building Blocks Play Group offers a comprehensive summer day camp program, with art, science, nature walks and cooking for New Paltz children from 1 to 5 years of age.

What about Day Camp Staff?

The recommended minimum “camper to teacher” ratio is 1:5 up to age 5; and 1:6 for ages 6–8.

Ask about the ratio of campers to direct supervisory staff.

A camp might say they have a 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, but this could include some personnel who don’t interact directly with children.

Dr. Christopher Thurber, psychologist and camp training professional states; “Parents routinely neglect to inquire about how the staff is hired and trained. The best camps combine pre-season training and on-site training.”

Considerations by Age

Ages 3–5

New Paltz day camp and summer programs are best for children in this age range.

Some day camps can also offer childcare in addition to day camp for preschoolers. Kids of this age need a mix of high and low-energy activities and projects with plenty of rest time.

Children in this age group will enjoy manipulative activities that are tactile, like playing with water or doing craft projects.

All-day New Paltz summer programs can start as young as age 3 and are a great way to introduce kids to the summer day camp experience.

Ages 6–10

At this age children are beginning to understand friendship and working together.

Children this age will benefit from new experiences as they discover their preferences and dislikes. Children this age are also learning to enjoy new things; like being in a natural environment, sharing space and eating new foods.

This age range is particularly receptive to outdoor, nature-themed experiences.

Deciding Which New Paltz Day Camp is Right for Your Family

Regardless of the child’s age, it’s important to include him or her in the decision to go to a New Paltz area day camp or summer program.

Look at brochures and websites together, and encourage them to ask questions and find out what appeals to them. If possible, go to an open house and see things first-hand.

Cost, reputation, staff enthusiasm and camp activities are the most important factors in choosing a New Paltz day camp for your children.

Research your options thoroughly for a fun, educational, and memorable Ulster County day camp experience.