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Summer Programs

BBPG Summer camps

From July though Labor day Camps include: Lego, Cooking, Art, and nature camps for children aged 3 and up.  Please contact Mandy for more information

Lego Camp

lego-camp-pre-k day camp

Come and be a master builder and let your imagination soar!  With our variety of small Lego’s and accessories, Duplo’s for the little ones and regular size lego blocks.  Create your own construction or follow instruction.

 Cooking Camp 

cooking-camp pre-k day camp

Unleash your child’s artistic and creative ability; kids will learn how to make pastry from scratch and create yummy treats.

Mixing, measuring, tasting, and exploring through the senses.  Children will enjoy making delicious confections and have fun while being introduced to early reading, math, and measuring.

Plan, Do and Review!  Each day starts with a recipe.  Students will organize and measure ingredients, follow the method of instruction and create some interesting dishes.  All cooking projects will go home at end of day.

Art Camp

Summer Preschool in New Paltz

Come join us to paint with cars, marbles, brushes or just use your hands!  Create with clay,  Use watercolors and acrylic paint but most of all be creative and just have fun.

day camp near me new paltz

Please Contact Building Blocks For More Information

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