Quality Daycare Guide- 8 Point List

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I need quality daycare. What should I look for? 

Use This 8 Point Guide Find a Quality Daycare for Your Child

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Daycare Cubbies

  1. First, when visiting a daycare, use your intuition. Feel the atmosphere there, see how you feel.
  2. Think about leaving your child at this daycare each day.  Are you comfortable with this idea?
  3. Observe the kids: do they seem happy? Are they being well monitored? Are they receiving affection from the staff?
  4. Check out the class area; is it clean? Is it cheerful and inviting? Where do the kids eat, sleep, and play? Go see the diaper changing area and bathroom. Are there lots of toys?
  5. Look at the staff: do they seem to enjoy being with children? How do they interact with the children? Are they professional about their responsibilities?
  6. Look outside: is there an outdoor play space? What types of toys are available for outdoor play? Is it safe from strangers?
  7. What about the location: is it easy to get there? Can you easily travel back and forth from this facility on a regular basis in all types of weather?
  8. Take as much time as you need to see everything you need to. Make a second visit or send your spouse to make their own observations. Ask the parents of currently enrolled children what they think.

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