New Paltz Preschool – Jack O’Lantern Blaze

New Paltz preschool halloween news

New Paltz Area’s biggest Halloween Event Returns for 32 Nights in 2016!

A great idea for New Paltz preschool age children!

Enjoy seeing more than 7,000 hand-carved, lit-up jack o’ lanterns in this exciting walk-through display. Wander through a historic, 18th-century riverside landscape and discover a spooky display – completely made of jack o’ lanterns!

Come gaze at more jack o’lanterns than ever before. Thousands of New Paltz preschool visitors enjoyed last year’s Blaze, which was fully attended on every night.

Awesome display for new paltz preschool children


Your New Paltz Preschool Age Child Will Be Amazed!

The display comes complete with sound effects, amazing synchronized lighting and a unique soundtrack by recording artist Richard Christy, this Halloween spectacle is New York State’s most innovative Halloween event.



Sept. 30: First entry at 7, last entry at 9:30

Oct. 1: First entry at 7, last entry at 10

Oct. 2: First entry at 7, last entry at 9