New Paltz Preschool Outdoors?

Outdoor preschool sounds like something that would be such a  New Paltz preschool idea.

It Started in Denmark

It’s an idea that originated in Denmark, teachers started taking children out of the classroom and into the forest.

While forest and nature-focused preschools aren’t unknown internationally, in Northern Europe they’re almost as common as conventional schools.

10% of Danish Preschools

The Danish Forest and Nature Agency reports that more than 10% of Danish preschools are situated in forested areas or other natural settings.

While these 500 or so schools differ in terms of surroundings, they all place the natural world squarely at the center of early childhood development.

Nature is at the Center

While these hundreds of schools differ in terms of natural surroundings, they all put nature right at the center of the preschool curriculum.

Søren Emil Markeprand, the Director of the Stockholmsgave Centrum preschool, which lies on the doorstep of the country’s sprawling Jægersborg Deer Park says that “Nature is good,” citing studies showing that kids in outdoor schools get sick less often and develop more quickly physically.

This is something every parent would love to see in a New Paltz preschool.

New Paltz Preschool Playground

Our great playground!

He goes on; “A child develops better when there is space and quiet and room to be social with friends. Yes. We grow a garden here. But we also make sure that the children can grow.”

New Paltz Preschool – Building Blocks Play Group

Building Blocks Play Group, the New Paltz preschool, strongly believes that children should be exposed to nature and the outdoors as part of a well-rounded preschool education.

We provide a wonderful 2 acre property with a beautiful play area and wonderful views. Nature study and discovery walks enrich the learning environment every day.

Contact us to find out how your child can benefit from our full day, enriched curriculum.