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Choosing a Daycare Near Me

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There are many different options to choose from in childcare from the small in-home family daycare to a large commercial center.  No matter the scale of the daycare, you’ll be looking for the same conditions to be met at any of them before you entrust your child to their care.

Here are 8 great tips for choosing a daycare near you:

Asking yourself: “How do I find quality daycare near me?”  Use this handy 8 tip guide to find the best daycare for your child.

  1. Look down. As soon as you arrive at a prospective daycare, observe how the staff interact with the children there.  Optimally a teacher should be on the floor playing with the kids, reading to them and holding them.  In their early years,  children need lots of affectionate, interactive attention from adults to thrive.
  2. Staff turnover. Children need consistent care in order to develop a healthy, secure attachment to their caregivers.  Find out what the staff turnover is, how long have the teachers been working there? How often does the daycare staff change?
  3. Ask about their policies.  How does the daycare handle discipline?  What is the feeding, nap and diapering schedule?  Does the daycare rely on TV to entertain the children?  When are they closed for holidays.
  4. Be a spy.  Drop by with a friend who already has a child enrolled there and observe what’s going on. Visit the daycare at different times of the day and see how it looks.  Do the younger children have their own space?  Does the daycare use centers for age appropriate activities? Do they offer webcam access?
  5. Talk.  Keep the conversation going, ask all the questions you can and then ask some more.
  6. Personality.  Does the director of the facility seem easy to get along with?  If there is an issue, does this seem like a person who will take your concerns seriously?
  7. Use your instincts.  Trust your gut.  Does it feel right?  Do you get a great feeling from the daycare when you visit and speak with the staff?
  8. Don’t be afraid to change.  You don’t have to stay anywear that you’re not happy.  If you need to change facilities for whatever reason, remember that you are your child’s primary caregiver.  Your child will quickly adapt to a new environment.

When You Need Quality Daycare in New Paltz

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