New Paltz Daycare Webcam

New Paltz daycare with webcam access, watch your child learn and play all day at Building Blocks Play Group New Paltz!

We are the only preschool/daycare in the Hudson Valley with live password-protected webcam access for parents of enrolled children.

New Paltz Daycare/Preschool Science

Our New Paltz preschool science experiment checklist

New Paltz Daycare Webcam Image Quality

Our New Paltz daycare webcams are high definition and TV quality working from secure servers, so you can see your young scholar interacting and learning.

Enjoy watching your child in preschool while you work, from your phone, tablet or PC in high-quality video. Every special activity; circle time, cooking, science, and music will be easy to see from wherever you work.

Full-day Daycare in New Paltz

Building Blocks Play Group New Paltz offers a complete, full- day preschool curriculum to prepare students to excel in their grammar school careers. We believe in lots of hands-on learning with art projects, cooking classes, music, interactive early reading and math.

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Watch this great news story about how parents love having webcam access to their child’s daycare.